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What are the Most Common Hospital Errors that Lead to Malpractice?

According to various study reports, 34.1% of malpractice claims comprised of diagnosis error, 21.4% of surgical errors, and 21.1% cases were related to the wrong treatment. Medical malpractice is one of the most common errors that threaten the life of an individual. It is a worldwide problem which leads to inflation in mortality rate, duration of sufferings, and hospital bills. The team of medical malpractice lawyers in Lake Charles from the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess is highly experienced for guiding you through all these adversities.

In the United States, medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death. Reports show approximately $4,031,987,700 was paid to medical malpractice victims in 2018. An average plaintiff, you are unaware of the complexities of a lawsuit and lack the legal expertise to prove your case. Hence, you need our professional Lake Charles medical malpractice attorney to help you get through the challenges.

Before you file a lawsuit, you must know about the common hospital errors that come under medical malpractice.

  • Technical Errors:

 Any technical error can cause an accident while a major surgery is in process. A cut or a puncture of the internal organs results in internal bleeding and sometimes death. Another common situation is leaving a surgical tool during the operation session. It is due to the carelessness of the health professionals a patient’s life is at stake. Doctors must be more cautious to minimize the rate of such mishaps.

  • Communication gap:

Poor communication is another major cause of medical errors. In a health care system, a verbal or written error can take place between nurses, physicians, medical staff, or even a patient. In the States, several plaintiffs suffer due to poor communication between the medical professional. It delays the treatment process and puts a victim’s health condition at risk. To bridge this gap, a dynamic relation of patients with medical professionals is a must.

  • Diagnosis error and wrong treatment:

It is significant for an individual to go through proper testing procedures to find the root cause of a medical condition. Without proper test reports, doctors don’t generally provide any medication and start with the treatment. However, reports are not always accurate and result in the wrong treatment. There are thousands of cases in America where a patient has fallen prey to wrong treatment due to inaccurate diagnosis reports.

  • Delay in treatment:

Even after proper diagnosis, treatments sometimes take longer to start. A lot of doctors tend to have a laid back attitude which majorly impacts the health condition of a patient. Delayed access to proper health care often leads a patient to emergency surgeries and even death.

  • Inadequate monitoring post-surgery:

After a major/minor surgery, patients require special attention. It comes as a crucial role for the medical staff to monitor the patient’s health condition post-surgery. They must ensure to reduce the risk of infection and provide timely medications as the hospital is held liable for any cases of a mishap. However, many well-known hospitals in the country fail to adhere to the basic norms and put a patient’s well-being in jeopardy.

  • Failure of using test results:

There are instances where doctors overlook the results of the suggested test. The outcome of the test can create a huge difference between the life and death of a patient. You need to be active and take a keen interest in your test results. Refer to someone else if you are unsure about a doctor’s medical advice. 

  • Medication error:

Wrong medication is one of the most common medical malpractices worldwide. A wrong drug or overdose often leads to allergic symptoms, abnormal health conditions, and even death. If you or your loved one suffered from incorrect medication, you have the right to take legal steps against the doctor or hospital.  Proving a medical malpractice case against a medical company, hospital, or doctor is notoriously difficult. Teaming up with an attorney with no relevant experience can ruin the chances of winning fair compensation. The team of injury lawyers in Lake Charles Louisiana from the L. Clayton Burgess law office has got exquisite skills in negotiating with the insurance companies for a maximum settlement. We have unique legal tricks up our sleeves to help you build a strong case and get you the justice you deserve. So, don’t keep waiting. Contact us today and book for a FREE consultation.